WJJKO Hungary

Our Association was founded in 1986.
We have approximately 150 members.
From the foundation there were more personal and name changes.
Currently we are operating with the following sections: Jiu-jitsu section (leader: Tamas Smaraglai - 7 dan jiu-jitsu), Judo section (leader: Nora Maracsko - 1 dan judo), Nito jutsu section (leader: Janos Karsai - 9 dan nito jutsu).

Regular programs:

Winter Camp
Summer Camp – Child camp, adult camp 6-7 days, where ends with kyu grade examination
Competitions: Self-defence, fight from youth to adult age. With the involvement our co-association
12 hour training: seminar with invited masters from different styles
„Battle”: Special foam coated sticks are used according to the given rules
Coach Seminars: 2 times in a year. Generally it takes a whole weekend including courses and discussion of organizational questions
Budapest -1183 Csongor utca 12.,

Phone number:
+36 20 598 19 04