In our Section we teach children of age 5-12 since 10 years.

The past years we were focused more on the competition but it has recently changed. Nowadays the focus is much more on the training where the aim is to involve the youngest generation in a relatively early age to our Association.

The “play school” and elementary school age children are the basis of our future members. The groups include children with the age of 4-12 years. The primary aim is to put them in motion and to teach them the endear of Judo which is the first step toward youth and adult Jiu-jitsu practice.


}Maracskó Nóra  1 Dan Judo

Dojos, trainers:
Tátra tér Elemetary School, Budapest
Maracskó Nóra (Jiu-jitsu–1 dan, Judo – 1 dan) - 06 20 598 19 04, wmnora@wjjko.hu
Monday, Wednesday: 17.00-18.00 (kids)